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Get to Know Jake

Jake has been a creative guy ever since he could hold a crayon. After taking every art class he could in high school, Jake continued his artistic journey in college earning a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design. Being an admitted techno-junkie, Jake has found that graphic and website design fulfills his passion for having a “grown-up” job that he also loves.

Prior to founding 5j Design, Jake worked as a designer in a print shop, designer in a multimedia firm, and as a marketing director. His wealth of experience, both in the industry and in Sioux Falls, maps the direction of 5j Design. When he is not meeting new clients, Jake enjoys his family, homebrewing, fishing, and working on new business ideas.

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Question & Answer

What is the strangest job you have ever had? Outdoor cook for a summer - strange in that we had no running water or electricity, awesome in that it was the best job ever.

What was your very first car? 1979 Yellow Buick Lesabre - we called it Big Bird

Favorite tv show or cartoon growing up? Inspector Gadget or Doug, it’s a toss up.